Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller Review

If you want to understand the true meaning of lightweight then this is the stroller that you should go for. This is possibly one of the lightest strollers in the world. The stroller itself is tiny and unlike other strollers that are camouflaged, you can easily tell by the look of this stroller that it is light.

Well, being light is not the only benefit that you will receive from this stroller. There are tons of other ones too. Let’s discuss them one by one in this article. As always, we will start with the features of Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller and then there will be pros, cons and ultimately the final words.

Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

Features of Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

As said before, being light is not the only benefit that this stroller offers. There are other benefits too and you can bank on them. Let’s describe some of the coolest features of this product in short.

Aluminum Body

Initially when this brilliant lightweight stroller was launched in the market, some people didn’t understand that how an aluminum stroller can weight only around 11 pounds. This was a mystery and the brand built its reputation around that.

The body is well made and balanced. It will be durable for a really long time. There are users who have been using this stroller for more than 7 years and the stroller is still working brilliantly.


Comfort is a premium feature that everyone promises but only a few can deliver. Fortunately, this brand is one of the second types and it can easily deliver comfort for your baby. Comfort is really important in a stroller because a baby doesn’t like a stroller if it is not comfortable. Think of the whole thing from a baby’s point of view.

A baby doesn’t know what a stroller is and a mom’s arms will always be better to the baby. Now, if you want to make the baby feel comfortable and secured you need a comfortable baby stroller and that is exactly what it is.

Extra Benefits

The stroller comes with lots of extra benefits that parents especially moms love. One of them is carrying bag. You don’t have to use a separate bag while you are using this stroller around as it has a built in bag to support everything. You can take your dresses too in the bag of the stroller if you want.

There are baskets to keep necessary baby items and foods which will keep everything near to your hands. This is another interesting addition.

Pros of Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

All the features are pros but there are some other ones that the features cannot describe. Let’s list them in this section:

  • Security with 5 point harness
  • 2 point recline system
  • Umbrella style folding
  • Carry strap for shoulder
  • Extra basket

Cons of Chicco CT0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller

No product is out of issues and that is why, it is important for you to know about the negatives too before you attempt to buy the product.

  • The product is discontinued from the manufacturer
  • Low customer support

Final Words

Overall, this is a good product to go for. As it is one of the earliest ones, the product is well made and people at that time used to build quality products more often. You can depend on this one and go for it.