How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

Having a stroller for your baby is an awesome experience. The thought of always having your baby close to you, taking them out for rides, shopping, picnics, and a walk around the neighborhood is simply cool.

Your baby will also enjoy some awesome time with you. They will be safer, enjoy some family company, and simply fit into the family. But having an efficient stroller requires you to make sure your stroller is on point.

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To do this you must always make sure that your stroller is properly serviced and maintained. From simple puncture repair, inner tube replacement, brake adjustment, fitting bells, to padding seats there are options many.

Now picture this, you are getting ready to ride with your lovely angel for shopping when you suddenly realize your stroller isn’t moving smoothly. On checking you find out your stroller tires are flat. What next for you and your baby?

Here is the thing; there is one simple but very important practice that many people tend to ignore often – inflating the baby stroller tires. When it comes to stroller maintenance we understand the need for inflating the tire.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

A well filled stroller tire will leave your baby with a smoother ride and allow your stroller to perform to its optimum point. Additionally it will also leave you stress free and allow you to enjoy your time with the baby. We have learnt that many people don’t even understand how to properly inflate a strollers’ tire. In order to do so, here is what you must follow.

Have the Right Tools

The most basic tools that we always advice our stroller users to have is an air pump, gloves, and inflator. There are different types of pumps, inflators, tubes, tires, and valves. Knowing this is also important before starting.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

For stroller air pumps you should get the right pump. Often bike pumps will fit in stroller valves too. That can only mean one thing certain you could have either of the two types of pumps for your stroller: Schrader or Presta.

Get the right Head

Because your valve might not be the same, it might require a specific pump head for its inflation. There are two basic types of valve head you can use. The Schrader-pump-head or the Presta valve tube, in case you don’t have a dual pump head attachment.

Prepare your Valve

The best thing that our experts will first suggest is removing the plastic cup on the valve (if yours is missing, no big deal – sometimes they get lost). For Schrader valves unscrew the tiny nut that locks the valve (this step is usually skipped for the Presta valve). The nut won’t fall so screw as much as you can/ tap it a little.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

Know Tire Pressure

The reason we always advice our readers to check on the tire pressure is simple – different tires need different pressure levels. Check the sidewall of your stroller’s tire to see your PSI range. Additionally consider the wear and tear on your stroller tires especially if you haven’t replaced them for quite some time now.

Attach Your Pump

Our experts’ advice that you use an inflator in case your pump has none. Fit the inflator at the pressure end of the pump. Once done fit the head of your pump to the valve, make sure it fits perfectly. You can use the threaded screw top or the flipping switch (either that your pump has) to make sure it fits really well.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

The threaded screw and the flip switch ensure that the pump fits well before you start pumping your baby stroller. It will prevent any form of air leakage while you pump your stroller. Re adjust incase air comes out when pumping.

Additionally you can create the sealed system to for a more effective pumping experience. Creating a sealed system will depend on the type of pump that you are using. One important tip here however is to always keep your eye on the gauge while pumping.

Pump to Right Level

Many ideal pumps will come with gauges. We understand the need to have a bump free ride for your kid. The right thing to do is to pump the tubes to the optimal pressure. You shouldn’t be rough on the pump. Be gently, assume squatting position, and pump your stroller to the right fill.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

Do this for all the tires or counter-check if the rest of the tires are at the right levels. In case you have done so. Proceed to the next step.

Remove the Pump

Make sure the right pressure level is reached before you do this. Once done, pop off the pump head – flip switch it. For threaded screw head pumps unthread the pump head/ inflator. Additionally retighten the locking nut in case you had a Schrader valve.  Finally replace the valve cap.

How to Correctly Fill Air in Baby Stroller Tire

Set Out To Ride

Now that your stroller is properly inflated you can hit the road with your baby; properly tuck in your baby in the stroller, fasten the harness, and get make sure your baby is comfortable. In addition to that you may want to find out if the braking system is working properly. Other things you can do include.

  • Pack a side bag for your baby.
  • Carry a few sets of diapers too.
  • Get a drink in case you’re jogging.
  • Adjust your canopy to fit.
  • Fix in the parent and baby trays.

Final Word

In case your stroller’s tire doesn’t fill up or in case it goes flat pretty fast, say in a day or two, experience has taught us this could be a sign of a puncture. You may need to replace your inner tube or fix the puncture. Refer to our link on How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel in case you have no idea. Visit us for the optimal stroller maintenance guide. Good luck!