Stroller Safety: The Ultimate Simple Guide to the Best Stroller Use

For many parents, giving your kids a gift is the best way to show how much you love them. It also leaves you with an awesome feeling. Buying the popular baby stroller is one awesome way to do this. But have you ever thought of how vital stroller safety tips are when buying them?

We have, our experts have gone round and found out that many parents don’t actually mind stroller safety tips. As long as their kids are tacked and they can hit the road that’s just about it. The truth is, that’s not the case.

Stroller safety tips go past just harnessing your baby and making sure that the brakes work. In fact from our research we have found a number of things that go with stroller safety tips and which will determine how safe both of you are.

General Considerations: What to Consider for a Great Stroller

The very first one is what to look out for when in need of the great stroller for your baby. These factors will determine the best and basically the safest stroller for your baby. Our experts outline these five basic factors.

Your Location: A city has a lot of sidewalks. A city needs a collapsible stroller for subways and buses. A country side needs a stroller with ideal suspensions for rough roads and alleys. While if you live in a town, an easy to fold stroller for your car’s trunk will be cool.

Type of Family: Depending on the number of children that you have who can use a stroller you’ll need a sturdy stroller, with a tandem, a top rated sit and stand stroller, or a double stroller. For them to function well and keep your kids really safe they must support same capacity.

Ideal Accessory: What would you love to use your stroller for? Going shopping needs a stroller with a storage basket, jogging will need a baby and parent tray apart from storage bag, while midday errands require a canopy; remember not every stroller is compatible with all accessories.

Your Lifestyle: Do you love to take an evening walk? A jogging stroller will be safer. Do you shop across the day? You’d need an umbrella stroller for morning errands and daytime grocery shopping. This will be super ideal in keeping your baby safe from harsh weather.

Types of Users: A larger family might have a number of older siblings who will push around the baby stroller. They will be of greater help. However they might not feel comfortable and will want to re adjust the stroller handles – adjustable handles are cool. You can also bring n a stroller with safety straps.

The Baby’s Age: Why Should You Consider It

While our experts point out these previous tips as the most basic ones, they also insist that the age of the baby plays a great role when it comes to stroller safety.

For newborns a stroller with a reclining seat is highly advisable. It should also be compatible to infant baby stroller seats, bassinets, and other infant car seats.

Before six months newborns can’t hold their necks up and therefore compatible strollers will keep them comfortable. However, like our experts point out, the most ideal age for a baby to start using a stroller is usually at six months plus.

Travel Systems: Are They A Needful Option?

In reference to the above, if you own a car, an ideal stroller should be the one that can hold your baby’s car seat. A customized car seat and stroller would be ideal. However if you can’t get one looking for a separate set that’s super compatible will also do the trick.

Usually these types of strollers will allow you to move your baby easily between the stroller and your car without having to un-strap them from their harness.

Some people however prefer using shortcuts, but we’ve found out that putting your newborn to sit upright in a car seat could compress their chests, in turn lower oxygen levels within the blood, and eventually impair their development. So keep your drives short too.

Worst case scenario experts report that if your baby is over six months old, keeping them for lengthy hours on car seats can still cause flat spot on the back of the head. Even worse off, it could lead to GERD – Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

My Baby Has Special Needs: Can they Still Ride?

Like we said before baby stroller safety cuts across just braking system and harnessing. Depending on your baby’s special needs, you might want to visit a pediatrician for further advice.

A baby with problems on the backbone should keep off a stroller unless the doctor states otherwise. If they have other health concerns a stroller with an ideal storage bag will also be ideal.

You could use the bag to carry necessary equipment’s, prescriptions, and hygienic towels. In fact for cardiac problems, a storage bag will be ideal for a cardiac monitor. Talk to people who have been through your kind of problem to get more advice.

Additional Features: Are these Options Really Handy?

Well many people will look at the basic safety options. These options are additional features that keep your baby physically safe. You must therefore heed to the user manual. Here are a few more.

Brakes: The hand brake stops the stroller on track. The parking brake under the stroller with a braking paddle is super cool for parking especially when on phone, shopping, or such so that your stroller doesn’t slip away.

Harness: The harness will hold your baby in place (secure them) to their seats once you have tucked them in. Many best baby strollers have five point harness systems while others use three point harnesses to secure babies to seats. Our BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller comes with five.

Wide Base: Wide based strollers will cover larger surface areas. Because of this they will remain sturdy and capture a wide seating area. This prevents them from wobbling as the weight rests well on them. It also prevents toppling over.

Lockable Swivel Wheels: Locked wheels (front) provide linear movement, swiveling wheels gives easy maneuverability when jogging or walking. You don’t want to be at a disadvantage. Use a lockable swivel wheel to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Straps: Straps are cool for the hands. With an ideal braking system, straps will prevent the stroller from slipping away and hitting another object. Your baby is very young and delicate; a fall can be extremely fatal.

Single Footrest: For double strollers, especially for those with twins our experts advise you to buy a stroller with a single footrest for both kids. The ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller is an awesome option. This prevents their tiny legs from getting stuck across double foot rests.

 Safety Precautions: General Guidelines on what to Do

While the previous tips stress on the stroller and ideal stroller use, as a parent there are quite a number of things that you should personally do to keep your baby safe. They include the following.

  • Don’t leave your baby unattended at any time – always stay close.
  • Fasten any toys that you hang on the stroller bumper to keep kids busy.
  • Make sure your baby is well buckled up in their seat – use the harness.
  • Keep your brakes checked and make sure you engage them whenever necessary.
  • Hanged items can easily fall and distract you or knock the baby (store all things well).
  • Keep your baby away when unfolding and folding the stroller to prevent injuries.
  • Keep an eye for recalls. In case the stroller has a problem, the company could recall.


Stroller safety is the most important consideration to make for your baby before buying them any gift.  This is very important as your baby is young, delicate, and any mishap could prove fatal. Keep your young ones safe, follow our safety rules, and enjoy a great time. Good luck!